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10 reasons why you need to know business English


Reason 1. Expand the social circle

You have heard that knowing two languages, Spanish and English, can be explained to 80% of people. This will give you the opportunity to expand your outlook, communicating with foreign friends. Notice, for this you don’t have to travel abroad, courses will come to your aid at the innovative business school Rainbow.

Reason 2. Career growth

Agree, today the labor market is quite high competition. Therefore, a person in whose CV a foreign language is noted will, in most cases, cause the interest of a potential employer. And of course, it is very difficult to imagine a successful career without knowledge of English. Building your business development strategy, you should always aim at the international level, well, without English, respectively.

Reason 3. We train memory

The best way to train your memory is to learn new words, phrases, and rules. In time, you yourself will wonder how easily you manage to memorize large amounts of information.

Reason 4. On vacation without problems.

Knowledge of English will give you the opportunity to freely travel alone and with the company, without needing a guide or translator.

Reason 5. Music with meaning.

You must admit that you are much more pleased to listen to the songs of your favorite performers when you understand what they sing and sing along with them.

Reason 6. Movies without translation

You can easily watch English-language films without translation and subtitles. In addition, it will help you improve your pronunciation.

Reason 7. Books in the language of Shakespeare.

You will be able to discover the magical world of English-language literature. Reading in the original language is significantly different from reading translations, or adapted literature. You will be able to get acquainted with phraseological units, expressions inherent exclusively in English speech.

Reason 8. Self-education

Studying English will allow you to improve your educational level. And, having mastered it at a sufficient level, you can read specialized English-language literature, because not all high-quality textbooks have a translation.

Reason 9. Additional earnings

Knowing English, you will never be left without money: you can do translations, write to order essays, articles.

Reason 10. Cultural enrichment.

In-depth study of the language implies not only the study of new phrases, but also familiarity with the traditions, mentality and culture of native speakers.

And this is not all the reasons for which it is important to learn a language.

And so we paid attention to writing a steep business English course in the Rainbow program, which is not exactly learned in schools.


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