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12 advantages of franchising for a businessman


➕ Niche Search
The barrier for many who want to start their own business, having a starting capital, ready to morally join the ranks of businessmen, is the search for a business idea, the choice of a niche. In the case of franchising, it all comes down to choosing (preferably conscious) the franchisor from the catalog.

➕ Own business
Despite the fact that by and large, the franchisee remains dependent on the franchisor, however, he also has a certain freedom within the established framework. In addition, retains legal and economic independence. This is a full-fledged own business.

Huge selection of areas of activity
Today, in the domestic market, several thousand companies are ready to offer partnership to novice entrepreneurs on franchise terms in all sectors: agriculture, retail, manufacturing, services, the Internet, intellectual property, etc.

➕ Freedom to choose a franchisor
Franchisors provide detailed information (as a rule, it is open) about their company and terms of cooperation. So, even before the start of investment is the ability to explore information and carefully analyze the business.

➕ Easy market entry
As a rule, franchises are offered by companies with a well-known name, and popular brands that have gained a reputation have a loyal audience of customers. This is an asset that it is a sin not to use, instead of developing your own brand for years, if your main goal is profit.

➕ Predictable results
The presence of a sufficient amount of information, including on the activities of similar enterprises, allows one to sufficiently accurately predict their own results.

➕ Ready business system, time-tested
Before launching a franchise, most companies fine-tune the business system for the market, work through all the business processes in order to subsequently transfer the ready-made technology. Thus, an aspiring entrepreneur gets a lot of capital in his hands, avoiding mistakes, saving himself from lumps on his head, losing money and bitter experience.

➕ Business Instructions
Together with the finished business model, the partner receives a kind of “instructions for use”, recommendations for effective business management: pricing policy, work with customers, etc.

➕ Quick start
A lot of time at the entrepreneur goes to the analysis of the market, familiarity with many aspects of the area in which it is supposed to open a business, planning, forecast, evaluation, search for suppliers. In the case of franchising, there is an opportunity in the shortest possible time to adopt all the experience and necessary knowledge to start the activity.

➕ Reducing business risks
The franchisor is directly interested in the development of its network, the success of its partners. That is why many companies help businessmen to cope with numerous problems: staff training, assistance in finding premises, etc.

➕ Minimize advertising costs
There is no need to spend huge funds on marketing and large-scale advertising campaigns (except promotion on the local market). Not without that, some franchisors charge a payment from their partners for advertising campaigns, however, it is beneficial for all participants in the system.

➕ Supplier Reliability
Quite often, the supplier of goods or resources is directly the franchisor, otherwise, the latter assumes the task of working with suppliers.


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