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New partner Rainbow School Minsk


Rainbow school geography is growing every day!
We welcome new partner Victoria Krasikova from Minsk (Belarus)!

The beginning of cooperation with Victoria can be called the beginning of a new page in the activities of Rainbow School, as this is the first school in Belarus, and even in the capital itself, the progressive city of Minsk. For us there are no limits! The main task of the school is to teach what is not taught in the conventional school! We offer to get acquainted with our new partner closer and learn the principles and motives that pushed Victoria to open a school in the city of Minsk!

Basic education – pedagogical (mathematics), additionally studied psychology and HR. Invaluable work experience gained in the university, in the HR-sphere, and business experience.

How did you become part of the Rainbow team?

All parents want their children to have a happy, successful future, but what do they usually do for this? They try to load the child with additional knowledge, lead to tutors, choose a good comprehensive school. This is certainly good, and it is bearing fruit, but, according to psychologists, and this is confirmed by statistics, we end up with a highly educated, intelligent … employee who is hardly going up the career ladder, “a good background only for employees” (M. Lobkovsky). And most thinking parents understand this. But what is the alternative? It is not, or rather, was not.

When I found out about Rainbow Business School, I understood – this is it! Rainbow School is a school in which a child, in addition to the necessary knowledge in life and business (which is not given in school), gets a chance to form business thinking and develop the qualities of a person who is able to build his own business and form a great team! And what is important is important, because we all know that personal qualities and character are formed in childhood.


Remember that affirmations or simply to assure yourself of future success is to make a step towards a meeting. Programming your mind has real consequences. Do not forget about it.

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