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❌ ERROR number 1
Excessive custody.
Without letting you make decisions, you grow up a weak-willed person who constantly doubts the correctness of his choice. Independent people have no chance of a successful future.

❌ ERROR number 2
Uncontrolled leisure.
Watching mindless television programs, the child simply “merges” his time. Also applies to a long time in social networks and games in computer games. But do not take away the computer from children. Just play with them in the business of the game. They are created by teams of professional economists and psychologists, and the fact that the child draws from them can be useful in life.

❌ ERROR number 3
Lack of parental praise.
Not paying attention to how the child tries? Or notice, but do not bother to praise him for his work? For him, there is no motivation to do anything at all. Remember, even when training apply sugar. Encouragement is strong motivation and support.

❌ ERROR number 4
On opposite sides of the barricades.
If you do not communicate with the child or speak only on the topics “how are things at school ?, have you eaten?”, How many will you come? ”, Etc., and he does not tell you about his life, he just periodically asks for money, know that not parental approach. Your function will be able to perform and inexpensive robot. Make a connection with the child. This is extremely important. Just sit down and talk. From the first time, most likely the dialogue will not work. It will be difficult for him to open up. But over time, he will believe that his life is really not indifferent to you and this will be a new level of trust.

❌ ERROR number 5
Lack of a healthy lifestyle in the family.
Mom and dad constantly go to the balcony to smoke, and the image of the father does not appear without beer at all. This world through the eyes of a child will surely lead him into similar habits. Give up bad habits. Show from your experience to the child that you have iron-concrete willpower. You will be inflexible authority for him. Take a sport together. This is a step and mate for his doubts in you, as in a reputable leader.

Posted by: Sergey Negodov


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