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Toktamysov Aidos is a former railway transportation engineer, now the head of the Bek-Art Center for Intellectual Development and a new partner at Rainbow School in Almaty. He says that human capabilities are unlimited, both intellectual and physical, especially if it is a child. Aidos performs his every work on the foundation of samples and analysis of actions, to build a strong team and company. Why did Aydos partner with Rainbow School? The main motivation for him was to instill in his children critical thinking, freedom of choice, which is synonymous with responsibility. It is important for him that they think about their future, how they communicate with the world, whom they help, etc. The hardest thing, says Aidos, is to convey to parents the importance and value of the Rainbow School innovation school. The fact that this is not another commercial, but a socially important project that gives children basic understanding of building their own business. To understand who you are, you must try. As soon as possible and as much as possible. We wish Aydos success and are happy to see Rainbow School as a superhero team!
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