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Dear friends, we with great pleasure wish you to introduce a new partner and member of our team from the city of Vinnitsa Kravchuk Oksana. As Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, said, “In business, as in life, it is important to do good.” Our partners are people who perfectly understand the benefits and importance of what our Rainbow School team is doing to promote the education sector and how it is important in the development of our children for the formation of their successful future. Oksana told about herself and her life experience a lot of interesting things, which allows us to say with certainty that she is that partner who looks with us in one direction. Here in brief, that Oksana told us. “About myself I have 12 years of practical experience in finance and business. In the last few years she has been the head of small and medium business in Vinnitsa branch of PrivatBank, since 2016 she has been the commercial director at the plant for the manufacture of electrical appliances. Credo of my life “Live as if you live the last day, and study as if you will live forever.” Today I have 4 higher education in the field: management of organizations, finance, public administration, including international, in the field of marketing. About necessary skills Day in, day out, I constantly face the need for training, skills, which today are indispensable both in business and in everyday life. Therefore, today many trainings and seminars have taken place to build an effective organization, oratory, communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, time management and goal-setting. About family As the mother of two children, it is very important for me that they are happy and successful in life. Therefore, I am very pleased to present the business school Rainbow in Vinnitsa. Thanks to which, we can train our children from childhood, develop in them such “flexible” skills as: -management of time; -effective communication; – public speeches; – understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, the ability to work on self-improvement; -development of the ability to manage money; – self-confidence and many other skills that are necessary in adulthood, but unfortunately, children learn, at best after 18 years. Your time is the main asset! Use it as efficiently as possible today. “ Congratulations to Oksana, as our new partner with the introduction to the network of the Rainbow School! We are very pleased with this colleague. We wish prosperity to the branch of Vinnitsa, successful students and grand victories!
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