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COUNCIL number 1 Teach your child to make independent decisions. Gradually shift to him more and more responsibility. It develops the habit of the leader and develops the leader’s thinking. COUNCIL number 2 Play the business of the game. Develop entrepreneurial thinking. Talk with him on the creation of your business. This produces neural connections and gradually gives the concepts of the “rules of the game” of one’s own business. COUNCIL number 3 Praise for the victory. Even small ones. They will become a habit for him and will even cut off the idea that you can give up and hide behind someone’s back. COUNCIL number 4 Watch motivational movies together. It creates a useful illusion that everything is rapidly developing and, despite the difficulties, they succeed. This will develop a habit among other decisions, to choose the only correct one. That, despite the difficult path, will lead to victory. COUNCIL number 5 Exercise and tempering. The rubber phrase “Healthy mind in a healthy body” really works. When the body feels the strength of the muscles, then the mind thinks from a position of strength and confidence. I am sure that if you follow these tips, you will develop a strong personality, before which the doors and opportunities of life will be open. P.S. It will be very cool if you share your thoughts on how to present a successful future to a child. Write in the comments. Author: Sergey Negodov, CEO of Rainbow School
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