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What shouldn’t parents do with teens?


Slam the door, rude answer – this reaction of adolescents is regarded as normal. What leads them to such actions: transitional age or parental behavior?

A teenager is no longer a child, but not an adult. First of all, he needs understanding, not education.

Parents are familiar with the rules of raising children, but often do not know the rules for treating them. The non-acceptance by mom and dad of the fact that the child grows and is shaped, as a person creates a conflict situation.

Adolescence is a preparation for adulthood, the desire for independence. Forget about unnecessary care. The child at this time there is a desire for self-realization. He learns to make decisions based on his own opinions. Adult life is full of difficulties that you have to cope with yourself.

Do not impose your goals and responsibilities on children. You can help them make their choice (for example, their future profession). But do not try to convince them to move according to your plan. Did you not know that “teenager” and “love of freedom” are synonymous?

Are you not happy with the idea of your maturing child? But why not, if it, of course, does not pose a threat to life? Do not stand in the way of a successful future. Your task is to support the child. “You’re doing great! Try it!” After these words, your son or daughter will gain wings.

If you see that the child made a mistake, do not humiliate him. By this you give rise to a feeling of self-doubt and a lack of complexes in him. But learn from the mistakes!

From many parents you can hear: “This period must somehow survive!” How? To put up with the unstable psyche of the child, to develop tactics and to treat him delicately even at the most crucial moments. Leave all the moralizing and show the child that you can trust. Talk on equal terms. Do not treat a teenager as a little one. Ask about his affairs, share interests, ask his opinion, ask for help. Only by finding a common language with a teenager can you avoid conflict.


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