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What is the container of emotions and what is wrong with this admission?


We are all from a magical country called Childhood. But is everything so beautiful in her? “A carefree and fun time!”, Many will say. It is wonderful to have such memories! And what, forgive, disappointments and insults? After all, everyone had to cry because of the selected toys and run to their native arms to complain. If now it seems to you a trifle, your parents managed to properly protect you from emotional turmoil in childhood.
Are we “containers”? Without knowing it, people are emotional containers. Only not everyone gets them to be. Enough to go to the playground to see how this happens in the real world.
“You’re a boy! You can not cry! “,” Itself to blame! “,” Do not be ashamed of you? You’re already big! ”The child seeks comfort and support. But such phrases do not reassure, they kindle tension even more. Parents should come to the rescue in a difficult moment, and not add fuel to the fire. Otherwise, the child will have to endure the accumulated load of negative. And this may entail the following consequences: self-doubt; depressed mood; depressed.
You want a child to grow up happy and successful? Then give him the harmony he needs. Help him to go forward, removing the emotional barriers, rather than building them.

Art of containment
Living emotions and getting rid of them is a real art that adults should acquaint children with.
Emotional containment instructions for parents:
1. Do not evaluate what happened, but accept the situation.
2. Explain to the child what feelings he is overwhelmed with (he is scared / angry / offended).
3. Help your child release emotion and feel light.
Containing emotions is like a picture from puzzles: one picture will be lost. Skip one item the child does not learn to think independently, to decide and to be responsible for their actions. Even as an adult, he will always be in search of a “container”.
Contain or not?
Absorb your own and others’ emotions hard. Letting them have to learn. Mom may or may not be a “container” for a baby. This is the paradox of reception. Let the child not do everything correctly, let him be difficult, but over time he will have to experience emotional turmoil himself when his mother is not around. Sadik, then school … The team tempers and forms a personality.


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