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What is Rainbow School School Camp?


This is a 20-30 day program where, during the day, children are under the supervision of counselors and coaches. In addition to business training, camp participants attend various recreational and developmental activities and excursions, meet outstanding people and owners of successful business.

The preschool camp provides not only an opportunity for children’s health, but also a unique program.
training program aimed at personal development, as well as the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills by the participants, while children do not leave the city, but are present in the camp during the working day, and this is an excellent solution for parents who
employment, want children to be supervised
and, while developing fully, plunging into the world

The partners of Rainbow School independently organize the regional camp, using the instructions and methodological support of the Central Office.

Campers can be both current students of the Rainbow School, and schoolchildren in your city, from 7 to 17 years old, who are a potential audience for your school.

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