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Day of Public Recognition of Doors in Kremenchug


Again, great news from another region of Ukraine. Now Rainbow School in Kremenchug!


We develop and expand, we find reliable partners (they often find us :)) in different cities and countries, which gives an understanding of the need to introduce innovations in the education of our children

We are often asked questions, what is the use, what is the new innovation business school Rainbow brings to the education of children, which does not give a normal school?



Well, at least, we will teach your child to follow all the trends in internet marketing, business psychology and business in general. Imagine that at 7, your child will be able to explain how to properly allocate his budget (the basics of financial literacy), how to make a catching post with a cool photo that the child will do himself (internet marketing) and will already dream about his own business! Is not this what every parent wants for his child?

All this and more told on the Day of the open doors in Kremenchug the founders and trainer of the Rainbow School.

The Rainbow team is amazing people, talented and ambitious, who are able to work in a team of professionals!

If you share the philosophy of the school Rainbow – with joy waiting in our ranks! Join now!



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