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“The road to success is laid since childhood.” New partners of Almaty



Each of us wants our children to grow up as worthy, successful people. We are from the first days we try to give them all the best. One of the most important, determining factors in the fate of a person is education. It often happens that knowledge gained after graduation or even a university is very far from the demands of the modern labor market. Young people are under serious pressure and cannot decide what to do next? This is a big problem, but a problem to be solved.


It is necessary to prepare children from an early age. Cook purposefully, educate successful people. Therefore, the choice of our family focused on the school “Rainbow” – at the core, which is a comprehensive, all-round development of the student. The training programs are formed according to the principle of interrelation of three directions – psychology, business and IT-technologies. The school provides a unique training program for schoolchildren, which is fully adapted for each of the age groups.

I am a teacher with experience of more than forty years, having a great experience in working with children, I decided to make every effort to educate a full-fledged member of society. Partner became a daughter – Zhumagali Sholpan, an accountant by training. In the team we have ambitious, motivated young people who are burning with one idea. A trainer with experience in working with children, a business coach with international education, she studied in Australia.
As a person who has worked for a long time in the education system, I want that your children, having completed the programs of our school, could in the future realize themselves as professionals who know their business, are confident and achieve their goals. To do this, we have assembled a team that meets all the requirements of today, free from the patterns and frameworks of the usual school curriculum.
Why did we decide to open a school “Rainbow”? Training in a business school provides an opportunity to educate a purposeful, highly sociable young entrepreneur.

My choice
The decision to open a business school did not come immediately. First, I wanted financial independence. Second, devote more time to the daughter. After reviewing the program of the business school “Rainbow”, I realized that this is what is now necessary for our children. Already now, I see my daughter and her peers are tied to gadgets. Children communicate less with each other, it is difficult for them to socialize in society. They have no idea about money, and how to earn it. What awaits them in the future? Will a secondary school be able to prepare them for adulthood?
It is not always the usual school can do this, in view of its limited capabilities, both in the material and in the elementary absence of professionals with experience in business, psychology, IT-technologies. We want children to be able to reveal their hidden potential and realize new acquired opportunities.
Having opened the school, I would help many parents who are already thinking about the future of their children. Here you will learn the possibilities of your son or daughter, maybe even unexpected for you, but which can predetermine the successful and happy fate of your child. All this will help to avoid mistakes when choosing a future profession.
We have everything that you, as a parent, dream of: the right environment for those who have already achieved success in life, knowledge and practice about leadership, business and, most importantly, the harmonious development of a child. We are preparing children for a real and interesting life, where he clearly knows how to be happy and successful and is already happy and successful.
We are waiting for you all and are ready to help develop and go towards your goal.


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