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The initiatives of our partners. Autumn camp of Obukhov


A person has an amazing ability – the ability to fantasize. And if you add to the developed imagination a flexible mind, then it will turn out to be just a stunning result.

So our partners from the city of Obukhov introduced Rainbow in their school as an “Rainbow Autumn Camp”

It is important to understand that the start of a new business project requires some mandatory psychological and behavioral settings, namely:

Readiness for absolute self-sacrifice during the project launch period, high organizational level and self-discipline.
Strategic orientation for the future.
Maximum satisfaction of consumers, including by refusing to receive super-high profits.
And, of course, fresh ideas, an innovative approach to their business
These principles are also used by our partners and are now set to fall camp from the RAINBOW business school.

The versatile development and active recreation of the children of the XXI century, full of cheerful emotions, new knowledge and an unforgettable atmosphere.

Fan, improvise, surprise, it may well be that your creative potential will be a source of huge profits!


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