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How will children be assessed in the future?


Children in the future will no longer be evaluated on the results of the exam. Evaluation helps students strive for the best – as teachers say. Psychologists say it stimulates children to compete. As a result, for the child in the first place is not knowledge, but a high ball. This prevents the introduction of modern teaching methods.

He was an excellent student at school, graduated from the university with a red diploma, but did not achieve success – a familiar situation? And all because education takes place according to the system: he jagged the theory, passed the exam, got a good grade, went out of the school threshold and forgot. But the near future will change everything.

Knowledge must meet the requirements of the modern world. Today, children need to go beyond the school curriculum, develop independently, gain experience. It is important to understand your vocation and prepare for adulthood in advance.

Very soon, students will be evaluated for design work, created during training. Practical skills and additional skills that are not taught in school will become important for examiners. Many leading companies are already interested in not only the professionalism of a person, but also creativity, responsibility, ability to work in a team and make important decisions.


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