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How to determine the child’s abilities


This is a priority task that parents face. Indeed, when we are born, we come to this world with certain abilities and talents that are in basic form, but they have yet to be developed. Of course, working on what comes out will quickly bring up a professional than trying to go in the direction to which you have nothing to do, and you still have the constant feeling that your hands are growing from the wrong place.)

Develop these qualities in a child, it means to ensure the life path to success with maximum comfort. What would he do business, which is obtained and not stuffed unnecessary cones. All right The most important and valuable currency of our life is time. And if one learns not to waste it and get scattered, one can make one’s life comfortable and useful for the family and society.

So watch him. Here is a list of things worth paying attention to.


Technical – parses and constructs mechanisms;
Musical – listens and remembers music. Humming, good hearing.
Actors are a good storyteller, captivating listeners, active facial expressions and gestures;
Scientific – reads encyclopedias, is interested in scientific books and magazines. Conducts scientific experiments and experiments.
Athletic – bold, dexterous, loves exercise. When bored, prefers physical games.
Art – draws, sculpts, loves to create beautiful things around him. He notices and admires beauty.
At the same time in the child can live several talents. In this case, it is a bright, gifted person who draws on life experience from everywhere and forms a personal opinion on any issue. Try to identify the strengths of the son or daughter and focus on development. It can become his life craft. Well, the fact that you will be engaged with him in his favorite business will strengthen your relationship and family. A child will never forget how you spent time with him and did what he liked. By myself I know.

Author: Sergey Negodov


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