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How to choose a sports section for children?


This issue is constantly faced by parents of a growing child. One way or another, you need to make a choice. Let’s see why this is? Maybe it’s not necessary to go kick the ball, run for speed or dress up in a kimono?

The answer is categorical – MUST be worth it! First of all, because the world around the child is expanding. The character, sociability, aggression, accumulated unrealized energy is pumped through, and most importantly, he learns to achieve his goals.

In team sports, the ability to work shoulder to shoulder and be responsible to the teammates is great. You can not just take and do nothing, because the team is relying on you! I advise you to write in such sections of children with low motivation who are not used to taking responsibility for themselves. Teamwork will quickly learn this and you will not recognize a child in a year.

No less important sections where no one will hide. No one else will do the work for you. When you go out on a tatami, a ring or perform in a solo dance competition, you alone and neither relatives, nor friends, nor Marya Petrovna, the neighbor from the second floor, will help. This is stressful for a child, but that’s how he becomes a leader. He gains independence in a difficult situation, when everyone hangs up and does not know what to do, he will be able to take responsibility for himself.

Think about what qualities the son or daughter lacks, come to the sports club, talk to the coach, look at the guys in training and make a choice.

Good luck, victories, strong character and achievement of goals!


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