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How to develop creativity?


We give you one exercise for the development of creatine.

Exercise 1 “Order for the architect”

How do you look at trying on the role of an architect and designing a house? Do not know how to draw or remembered with horror school drawing lessons? It’s okay, the ability to draw and draw the tenth thing here. The main thing is the process.

First, we write down on the sheet 10 nouns, any. Mandarin, water, glass, tomato, glade – everything that comes to mind. These 10 words are the 10 prerequisites of the customer to whom you are designing a house. For example, “mandarin” – make the walls of the house orange, “water” – let there be a fountain or pond in front of the house, “tomato” – run red fish into the pond or hang red ones in the house … think it up yourself. Give your imagination a will. Draw and imagine what it would look like in real life.

Desire! Dream Do it!


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