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We live in a world where the issue of children’s business development comes first


Knowing what modern children need, how to teach them to achieve their goals, find a vocation, how to involve parents in the educational process – this is a guarantee of productive work of educational institutions. It is impossible not to be proud of such achievements. Rainbow school is a school of modern education, which every day conquers new cities and countries.

Meet our partner with Severodonetsk. The desire to work for the benefit of the younger generation and the development of the city, not indifferent to the innovative methods of children’s education led Marina Silchenko to the Rainbow School team. In the words of a colleague sounds professionalism and confidence.

“After graduating from the Cybernetics Department of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, she worked at the Microsoft training center. Over time, she moved to Severodonetsk. In a small town, I immediately felt that there was not enough space, and the children – additional education. On the Internet I learned about Rainbow School. Immediately I became interested in the idea of opening a franchise school and teaching children new and useful things.

We live in a world where the issue of children’s business development comes first. Do I have to argue about the uniqueness of the Rainbow School program for education in Ukraine? I do not think. The school helps to realize your own ideas, and consciously make the choice of a future profession.

To achieve change in the future, you need to work not only with children. The success of our school is in the constant involvement of parents in the Rainbow project. Only due to all-round interaction, children feel support, become more self-confident and are not afraid to achieve their desired goals. We continue to develop and move forward. ”

Successes in the development of the school and the accomplishment of the most ambitious plans!


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