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Required minimum: Why do children need very little


About the harmfulness and uselessness of too many things and entertains who just did not write: from the prophets to authors of personal growth benefits. And if we readily agree to limit ourselves to adulthood, then, tormented by a completely unreasonable sense of guilt, the children want to “give everything”. And this, like us, is not good for them. Barahona’s dad, mother, blogger and psychologist talk about the principles of minimalism adopted in her family.

The Mysterious Cabinet
When I was little, I had a closet that could only be opened at my own peril and risk. From there, a mountain of clothes, toys and other things could fall out. I did not know what “minimalism” was, but I really needed it. I always said about myself: “I always feel bad”, as if it was one of the character traits. I always feel bad, I can not find anything, I’m disoriented, I’m worried. Then, 30 years ago, I needed minimalism, but now is it necessary for my children? I think it’s fundamental. If in those days there was not yet Amazon and the opportunity to buy anything in one click, there were not all these machines with snacks that children chew at any time of the day, there were no gadgets, only thanks to which the child can safely transfer the trip in the car, then Now all this is there, and we need more minimalism than ever. Childhood is no longer “in bedlam,” but now it is in chaos.

Studies show that the education that we give children in the US increases the level of anxiety and stress in children and parents. We parents, in such a wild rhythm of life, drop the standards to the comfortable ones: if the child does not eat, that’s the gadget and he will eat at least an elephant, looking at the screen, if he raves in the car, that’s the phone with the game. As parents, we are trying to survive, have time to do everything, do everything. I know this because I have two children: they inherited my eyes and hair, but they did not get my anxiety, because chaos is not a sentence. In order to get rid of him I had to make a conscious choice for the whole family. I decided that instead of chaos I will choose peace. This is not only possible, but also very useful for everyone. As a psychologist, I believe that these few correct attitudes give the family harmony and happiness. What’s the secret? Minimalism. It’s not just about throwing out all of your things (I threw something out and it went all in for good), but also that your family should focus on what really matters, on real values.

Instead of an abundance of gifts for the holidays, I choose gratitude. My children do not really look at material gifts. Birthday is a celebration of life. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Easter is about spirituality. Christmas is about family. Life, love, spirituality, family – these are real gifts. And all these shiny packages and boxes can hide from them the importance of these gifts.

A family
Instead of circles and sections, I choose family dinners for three evenings. It is proved that children who have dinner with their families have higher academic performance and feel better psychologically. I’m a big fan of the principle of “less is better” and more about extracurricular activities. I really like evenings and days off, for which nothing is planned. After all, “nothing” does not mean “nothing.” This means time spent together with relatives.

Instead of snacks, snacks, half-finished products and ready meals from the supermarket, I choose local products. Scientists say that the food habits that we bring up in children from an early age, they retain for life. My children do not chew incomprehensibly that the whole day. They sit down at the table and eat food.

Fresh air
Instead of screen time, I choose to play in the open air for my children. I do not want my children to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Playing outdoors gives them the opportunity to move, learn to respect nature, appreciate its beauty, develop social skills through interaction with other children.

Conscious consumption
Instead of “buying in one click”, I propose to choose consciously. Before you buy, you need to think. We want to have things in the house that we love, beautiful and necessary things. The plastic figures of the heroes of the last blockbuster do not meet these criteria. Instead, we choose classic, smart, eco-friendly toys that can be played for a long time, which can be played by children of different ages and genders, with whom children will grow up.

Choosing minimalism, I change the chaos in peace. I am the first teacher for my children, their role model, it all begins with my mother, because I choose for my children what will affect their later life. And what do you choose for your family?



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