• Интервью с успешными бизнесменами

“Nothing is impossible, all restrictions are in our head” – Oksana Kravchuk


“You only get what you decide to ask from life. Do not be afraid to raise the bar. Nothing is impossible, all limitations are in our head. ”

These are the partners of Rainbow School: self-confident, strong in spirit and eager for change. The life credo full of energy helps a colleague from Vinnitsa, Oksana Kravchuk, to achieve success. The combination of work and participation in social projects demonstrates commitment. And this can not but inspire. Oksana among the contenders of the contest “Woman of Vinnitsa” and this is what she told.

“Woman of Vinnitsa” unites women of the region who are engaged in the business of their lives for a charitable mission. This is a combination of professionalism, incredible feminine energy and goodness.

Business school is a matter of my life, because, as a mother, I understand the importance of the development of adolescents. Therefore, with students, we not only work on business plans, but also implement social projects. I was supported by my family and colleagues, because we have the same values. To fulfill the dream of a child is a very important mission. When we do this with children, we cultivate humanity and awareness.
“Women of Vinnitsa” is not my first experience. I had the honor of being a participant in the Maria Ditinyuk project “Secrets”. She also participated in “Mrs. Vinnitsa-2018”, in which she implemented a social project of conducting business workshops for young people. ”
Victory will be a pleasant news for Oksana, but for her the main thing is participation and contribution to the achievement of the common goal of the project.
Forward, we wish victory.


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