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New partners from Vyshneve


Not finance. Not a strategy. Not technology. Team spirit remains the main competitive advantage, because it is very rare.

– Patrick Lensioni, “Five Vices of the Team”

A team is when one for all and all for one, however banal it may sound. Because a team is a single organism that has a common goal. And therefore, the emergence of new partners is not just a business for profit. This is the creation of a real team of like-minded people.

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When we meet such people, for us this is a real event. And today we want to introduce you to the new partners of the Rainbow School in the city of Vyshneve – Victoria Golubovich and Lyudmila Levchenko.

Having vast experience in the economic sphere, there comes a point of no return when you realize that in one sphere you are fully realized and, in connection with a number of life events, there is a revaluation of values.

All major changes always occur due to family and environment. They motivate us and push us to fulfill their dreams.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of creating Rainbow School, having your own children and the desire to give them only the best. It turned out that in our time this niche has not been filled yet and there are very few decent offers with effective modern methods and high-quality teaching. Although competition in this area is growing every day.

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Children are our future and today more and more parents come to the realization that investing in children is the best investment.

Our mission is to lay the foundation for a successful life in our children in order to make their future and our world a better place.

Ideally, when a team has two common goals – qualitative and quantitative.

We wish our new partners from the city of Cherry successful start and fast growth!


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