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New partner at Rainbow School, Shimkent


Children need more role models than criticism.

J. Joubert

Having raised children, parents have a lot of free time. It is important not to get bored and choose an activity to your liking. Grandparents are now different. Purposeful, with an active lifestyle, busy with the development of grandchildren!

A cozy atmosphere and clear goals attract parents. School of innovative business education Rainbow School is a comfortable place for development, creativity and creativity. Because here they teach children what the schools don’t even know about. And at the age of 16, teenagers are able to talk about marketing, business, the IT industry – everything that schools miss.

Young grandparents team up to give kids a decent future. Abdrakhmanova Zulipa Azretalievna – just from such purposeful and active parents! We will get to know her!

Psychologist by education and vocation, wonderful wife, mother of five children and already a grandmother! It immediately became clear that the children of Zulip adore. Such an interest in the development of not only relatives, but all the children is amazing!

– Everything that is done in life, for me, should be done for the well-being of children, for their bright future!

We support everyone who is concerned not only with their “I”!

We wish Zulipe speedy development and achievement of our goals!


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