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About motivation from Sergey Afonin, CEO of Rainbow School


Okay, great, you say. Learning to build a business since childhood really is a good idea. But how to explain to children that they need it? This question is often asked by meticulous skeptics. There is, you know, such a special sort of people whom nature has awarded with constant doubt and discontent. Listening to them, I immediately ask myself the question, why are they still alive? How did they not do something with them until such an age, despite the fact that every day any circumstances cause them mental distress and constant nagging? This is of course black humor. In fact, people with this type of character without realizing it help me to make my dream come true. These are such natural testers. The bottom line is simple. If you can convince the tester of your idea, consider the trick. It will be exactly a working idea with a real implementation. One of the frequent questions that they ask me, while grinning meticulously with the air of a person who questioned Ohm’s alternating current law, but at the same time sitting in a room lit by electric bulbs and slowly including an electric kettle, “how do you explain to children do you need to learn entrepreneurship?


I prepared an answer to this question. Everyone in him will be able to see himself, from childhood through to becoming an adult. Recall the motivation engines that worked in childhood, without coercion and pushing. When I wanted to jump in the morning and rush towards the cherished dream and my hobbies.

I had to think to find an uncompromising and indestructible answer to this question. Do you know what I understand? That we adults have forgotten the main thing. As we grow older, we lose our former skills and superpower. We are not very easy to motivate. Internal oscillations and doubts begin, “do I need it?”, “Better a bird in the hand …”, etc. What was moving before us is not working now. And what does “getting older” mean in general? Age is not the most important factor. It’s all about thinking. What is the difference between adults and children? What pushes us to adventurous achievements? On feats, on adventures and travel?

c1e0383f-ed91-4fd5-820d-227d87f69e73 (1)Apathy, depression, laziness and procrastination are all adult diseases. They are not peculiar to children. Remember how tasty it was in childhood, having run for a minute from the street, cut off a piece of bread, sprinkle with water, sprinkle with sugar and with pleasure, equal to eating tiramisu, devour it on the run. At the same time, we didn’t think for a second about its usefulness and the number of calories that would be needed later, while punishing ourselves with exercise, to painfully burn in the gym. It was delicious and everything.

The same principle is used in marketing. At first you see or hear a short but strong catchy offer and if he hooked you, go on to study the details. It can be a bright, attractive picture or words from the radio that make you leave all thoughts and focus only on him.

So what is the essence of the problem, you say. The main inconsistency is that we teach children “because it is necessary,” and not “because you want.” We all had a school period and you remember that not every teacher knew how to interest children in such a way that silence fell in the classroom and all thirty people listened attentively, because it was extremely interesting. I was lucky. I had such a teacher. We went to his lessons with pleasure. It was a story. It was obvious that the teacher was telling us information that was not jagged by him, but was sharing the knowledge in which he himself was immersed. It was so interesting that so far there are pictures of these lessons in my memory. There are knights in shining armor, historical battles, naval shipwrecks, and much more.

The method that we use in teaching children the science of business is simple and everyone has in mind. Remember, when we watched movies about musketeers in our childhood, the next day we would rush around the yard with swords from branches. It was a film about the Indians – all together they were engaged in the manufacture of bows and arrows. And when action films with Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van Damme appeared on the screens, the gyms and sports clubs in martial arts began to burst at the seams from overwhelming fans. One of them was me. Therefore, I know what I’m talking about. It left a huge imprint on my fate and on the formation of character. Now we use the same model of super motivation to ignite the desire to learn and develop future entrepreneurs.

This is a very important point. It can be a determining factor in the fate of your child. So read it and be sure to do it. As you probably already understood, it is possible to kindle a desire to learn from a child in one way – it should be interesting for him! We need to show him a success story. And it is better if this is a real story, with real heroes.

We need a very concrete, impressive picture that will penetrate into the depth and ignite the desire for action. Motivation from CEO Rai


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