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On the choice of a developing school for teaching your child.


In the education services market, today there are a huge number of business schools, interesting courses, sections and other companies that offer their services.

How do parents make choices? Where exactly to give the child?


We want to share a few important factors and criteria that need to be considered:

Scale and geography of school representative offices.

Local schools always raise doubts, which usually plagiarize the idea of some large company. If this is a network of schools, besides with large coverage, this is already the main factor for the development, popularity and effectiveness of this school. In this case, you can be sure that professionals are working on the program, the age and consumer factors for these services are always taken into account, the program has a legal character.

Services offered and their price.

Pay attention to a variety of courses and programs. On the availability of adaptation of the material under the stated age category. Do not forget that a quality product can not be cheap, because it invests a lot of investment and resources. In large companies, programs are updated annually in the light of new trends, generation potential and consumer demand.

Read reviews and be interested in specific results.

Any educational company must be evaluated by results. Often, children’s English courses, speed reading, or business can be assessed by the changes and results that a child demonstrates. But, in this case, it is necessary to take into account the potential of the child and the fact that the results can be expected not immediately, but within a certain time.

Instructors / trainers

Of course, be sure to pay attention to those people who teach in this school. Unfortunately, today there are a lot of “teachers’ grief” who, in pursuit of the realization of their own ambitions, are not really professionals capable of teaching your children. Always be interested in not only their education, but also work experience, personal achievements, life position, as well as the principles that these people have. After all, your child will absorb not only the teaching material, but also the ideology on which the teacher lives. Are you ready to give your child upbringing to people who do not have the qualities that correspond to your life position?

And most importantly – the child should be interested in going to a developmental school.

Of course, when at school or on any courses, the child feels comfortable – this is the key to the success of his learning. The atmosphere and teamwork always plays a big role, therefore the most optimal number of children in a group should not exceed 10 people.
It is especially important that children understand the rules of interaction and the whole group, following them, working as one organism increasing their effectiveness.

We hope that our advice was useful to you.

Posted by: Anna Bondar


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