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Why did we create Rainbow School?


This thought is simple and banal. Probably everyone asked himself this question “what would I do if I had to transfer myself from an adult to myself now, but for me to be ten years old. Only so that the skills of thinking and the experience of an adult person are left with me. ”

As a child, I loved fiction very much, but I understand that this is impossible. At least there is no such technology yet. But! We can and must pass on the knowledge of adult life to the younger generation. Not those that are taught by children in high school, but those that can change their lives and make them successful, find themselves, reveal their potential.

Our team is a team of people who work daily for this purpose. But this does not negate the rules of business. I generally do not really believe in volunteering. When a person has nothing to lose, he does not value it. Therefore, for us it is both a way of running a successful business, and work on a project that is changing the world for the better.

If you have a desire to do something good for society and at the same time open an ultra modern business school that will generate a steady income, then JOIN +

Author: Sergey Negodov


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