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Why the child does not want to learn


This is one of the most frequently asked questions to hear from parents. Let’s try to figure it out.

– Interesting

– satiety

– Teenage protest


Remember, from the first to the third grade, everyone learns perfectly. This is the most innocuous school period. It is interesting to learn, lessons last a maximum until noon. Homework is minimal and is perceived as a game.


The logical phase, which is already in the fifth grade gives signs. Wake up and back to school. And there are the same teachers, a heavy backpack with books and, as a result, homework. Or maybe some verse will be set. Then work until the evening. And most importantly, you understand that this is only the middle of a school career and you are a hostage of the “knowledge acquisition” system.


I want to make independent decisions and choose the path. The desire to change something, just heaps, and life experience zero. At this stage, committed strange acts. If you see that a child already without learning is fanatic, but at the same time he is fascinated by some useful work, you should not worry. He is already at the stage when the practice will be much more useful for his life than the dry theory.


Heat the child’s confidence in yourself. Praise when trying. Encourage good grades and don’t punish bad! This is a slow, but correct path to building an open relationship built on trust. And trust begets responsibility. Remember, the task of this period is to absorb as much of the study as possible, but at the same time reserve the ability to think and form your own point of view. Excessive parental pressure on the child leads to isolation and as a result, the loss of his own “I”. Such people achieve little in their lives because of the simple but very bad habit of giving decisions to other people. They definitely need a chief commander. So freedom, independence, your approval and support – these are the main components for the formation of a strong, successful personality.


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