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Welcome to our new partner, Kiev


From philosophy it is known that the goal inevitably determines the way and nature of human activity. All our partners share a common goal – to help build a successful future for our children.

It is very interesting to learn from our new partners how they came to the idea of buying a franchise and opening a school in their hometown. And of course, all these stories are very intriguing and unusual, like all our partners. And that’s what Oksana told us, our new colleague from the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kiev.

How did I come to the opening of the school?

The modern world is a world of boundless possibilities.

A world in which success and self-fulfillment have become a real trend.

However, in order to take advantage of these opportunities, to engage in what you like and at the same time make good money, you need to have some knowledge, skills and skills.

Our generation had to learn the entire method of trial and error. And all this experience is now available in the form of a huge number of trainings and schools. Many adults have only recently opened their own business, but even more people have not opened it. Some lack experience, others have confidence in themselves, others are afraid to start, and the fourth – to take risks, and this list can be continued further and further.

And I would very much like our children not to join these ranks. I would very much like to see the greatest number of children being really successful in the future. And for this you need to start acting now. I’m for the fact that children from school already studied the disciplines that will really help them in the future. This is the psychology of leadership, and oratorical art, and the art of self-presentation, and financial literacy, and effective communication skills, and much, much more.

But unfortunately, all this is not taught in the general education school, and fortunately, this is exactly what is taught in the innovative business school RAINBOW.

And I am happy that I have become a part of this team, I am happy that I can make a contribution to the successful future of our children.

Congratulations to Oksana, as our new partner with the introduction to the network of the Rainbow School! We are very pleased with this colleague. We wish prosperity to the Kyiv branch, successful students and grand victories!


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