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Приветствуем нового партнера в г. Астана


Dear friends, with great pleasure we would like to present you a new partner and member of our team from the city of Astana, Roza Kozhakhmetova.

Rosa is a mother of three children, an economist and a lawyer by training, has a lot of experience both in business and in raising children.

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Many modern psychologists and teachers unanimously assert that today’s children are new children. They do not respond to old forms, old methods, programs of education and upbringing. I, as the mother of three children, fully agree with this statement.

I believe that our task, as parents, is to build trusting and friendly relations with children, to see in our children their unlimited abilities and opportunities, to believe in them, to believe in the uniqueness of each and carefully direct and support all their undertakings.


I like the creative approach of the innovative children’s business school of the school “Rainbow”, it attracts the orientation of the program for children and teenagers, it impresses the team’s desire to instill in children business basics, so that children are at the maximum ready for a future life, the basis of psychology – to grow confident, easily defined their goals, achieved them, to be successful in finding their destination, their mission on earth.

Congratulations to Rosa as our new partner with the introduction of the Rainbow school network! We are very pleased with this colleague. We wish prosperity to the branch of Vinnitsa, successful students and grand victories!


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