• Интервью с успешными бизнесменами

The project “Interview with successful businessmen” Ravil Khamitov


In the framework of the “Interview with Successful Businessmen” project we want to introduce you to the unrealistically tough businessman, the President of the Association of Travel Agencies of Ukraine – Ravil Hamitov.

The pupils of the school held their first meeting with a businessman of this level and, we want to say, they were on top. Now the most important thing is to make the right conclusions for yourself from the words of the person who started from scratch and rose to the top of his success in an unusual and complicated way.



Ravil Khamitov told about the beginning of his business and about the difficulties he faced. How he overcame all obstacles in his path and how to start a business in tourism, when there was almost no information and resources from where to get it. About interesting events in his life, which led him to the beloved cause of his life.

It was interesting to hear that the favorite book of Ravil is Dersu Uzala, but the film is Forest Gump.

Well, Cyril and Dasha, students of the Rainbow School in Kropiwnicki, showed high results not only in oratory, but also in the ability to ask sharp and informative questions. Successful businessman and entrepreneur Ravil Khamitov was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge of young interlocutors in business at such a young age.

And Ravil summed up the very interesting thought that luck is not a coincidence, it is the result of your labor and your efforts. And as the great scholar Louis Pasteur said, that the case helps the prepared mind!

All the sharp details of the interview, see the channel on the link

Do you want your child to realize his potential and find the cause of his life, like Ravil Khamitov? Then come to our school and we will open all the secrets of business and not just for your child!


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