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Child and computer. Good or bad?


“Go, yours are already whistling,” so said my mother, when my friends called me on the street with a whistle. We drove on the greats, went to steal velcro at a construction site, collected railway ore from the train cars at the railway station to shoot slingshots and worked on a lot of very important things. I think if you look at how the children went through their childhood a hundred years ago, the picture will be the same, only poorer yet.

The ability to use a computer is an extraordinary gift that some parents do not understand and, as a result, limit their children. I can imagine how puzzled the faces of some moms are, who believe that their childhood was the most correct and is a standard for imitation. Wake up We live in another time, in the world of information technology. THIS IS A FACT AND I CAN’T GET THERE FROM IT. When taking a computer from a child, imagine that you are taking a microscope from a scientist. Speak, and you squint harder and see microbes

Speaking seriously, a computer is a tool by which playing can develop a child’s right habits. It’s not about the kids and the computers. The point is you, dear parents. If some people live in the past world and want the child to copy their fate – this is a problem. No, I do not urge to take away from the children walks on the street with friends. I want to emphasize that it is wrong to punish a child by selecting a computer. It is wrong to give play for two hours a day, without specifying what he plays there. It is tempting to let the child sit at the computer, and most lie on the couch, drink beer and watch football. But only then what does the computer have to do with it? His smart people did, but first of all the computer, it is a huge source of knowledge.

TIP: put off the case and spend time at the computer with the child. Play some kind of business game. They are full, ranging from the development of their own farm, to the management of the hotel. Praise for success. This basic business knowledge will be needed in adult life. Play games that give useful knowledge.


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