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Stubborn children get richer and more successful


Scientists have shocked parents: the naughty child, the more successful it will grow.

The idea to conduct research arose back in 1976. 700 children aged 10-12 years became participants in a long experiment. Psychologists have studied the behavior of each child. After 40 years, their achievements in adulthood were assessed and proved: unruly children achieve much more than their obedient peers.

Stubborn child does not obey the norms of behavior and is guided by its own decisions. When parents try to help, he answers: “I myself!” This is how his independence and responsibility manifests He wants to establish his “I.” Parents should be proud, not resort to punishment. It means that in the family there is a growing personality with leadership skills. Contradiction with the rules imposed by mom and dad, the requirement to respect your choice in childhood contributes to achieving career advancement in the future. The results of the study showed: stubbornness and self-confidence. Such people more easily reach the goal, despite the obstacles. Luck smiles at little rebellious adults.

Psychologists advise parents of stubborn people not to limit the activity of children and not to lose heart. Bill Gates was also not an ideal child, and this did not prevent him from becoming successful.


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