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Is it possible to scale the school of innovative education Rainbow School


Experience shows that the ability to quickly scale up is a key advantage of a business in the field of innovative children’s education. This market has not yet been fully developed, it is actively developing and is one of the most promising.

After the successful launch of the first school, on the model of Rainbow
School, partners have the necessary organizational experience, personnel and resources for further expansion. Given the modern communication tools, the remote launch of such a training center will not be a problem.

The payback period and profit in 60-70%, on average, is 6 months. “Customer Life Cycle” (LTV), on average, 2 years.

In general, subject to the implementation of recommendations and instructions of the Central Office, the launch of its own Rainbow School takes from 3 to 6 months.

So, we see that, in the conditions of an actively growing market for innovative education, the following indicators are important for expanding their own business in this area:
• brand competitiveness (packaging,
recognition and quality of the product);
• a working and adaptive model of a school’s fast start in
• the ability to remotely start;
• customer orientation with medium and high
level of wealth and the possibility of forming
high “average check”;
• quick payback.

If you acquire RAINBOW SCHOOL FRANCHISE, you become a partner of one of the market leaders, and accordingly you have significant basic advantages. This will provide an opportunity to look at the development of your own business strategically, planning to expand it already at the start.



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