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Financial education


You probably know a situation where a child is constantly crying and screaming in the store, because he really needs a certain toy or sweets. Perhaps you have encountered this yourself, or were an observer from the side, or from the stories of acquaintances. However, not everyone understands that such a child’s behavior is closely associated with financial education, and often with gaps in it.

The financial education of children should begin at the age of three. Starting with the basics, with age you need to move on to more complex topics. What should these topics be?
For example:

▪️Repovists, what is barter (or exchange of goods), and talk about the universality of money.
▪️To familiarize the child with the denominations of notes and coins, enter into the arithmetic of the account.
▪️Tell how you make money and what you spend it on.
▪️Explain that a child can already earn money (for housework, for example).
▪️Explain the difference between needs and wishes.
▪️When buying a gift, allow the child to make the choice himself.
▪️ Explain the principle of accumulating money.

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What do you think, at what age do you need to teach a child’s financial literacy?


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