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When you burn with a dream


We want to introduce you to the new Rainbow School partner Svetlana from the city of Melitopol (Ukraine).
“In the past, I was an English teacher, I have always noticed flaws in the educational system, because in the age of digitalization, the speed of development and inquiries has grown many times and it is necessary to change accordingly quickly. A comprehensive school gives a lot, but only the end result is blurry.

Why a franchise?
I wanted my own business, I feel the strength and energy to start right now, I do not want to build a brand from scratch, spend a lot of time and effort on it, if there is such a wonderful opportunity as a franchise business.

What is your main motivation?

My main motivation is, of course, my own children. I have three wonderful kids. After I met with the Rainbow School project, I realized that children’s education could be better. The possibilities of man are unlimited, both intellectual and physical. I want to see the results of a proven methodology. ”

Do you know when a good collaboration result is obtained? When there is motivation and purpose. And this is expressed in how a person begins to work in a team, with what enthusiasm he approaches his own business. This is exactly the start with Svetlana. We wish you fast growth and development of Rainbow School in the city of Melitopol.


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