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New partner from Aktobe, Kazakhstan


The problem of raising children is not solved one day. This is a long, difficult path that harbors many surprises on the way to the formation of a successful personality, associated with interchangeable generations, technologies and the spirit of the time in general.

And, of course, you can not underestimate the influence of the environment on the child. The child learns not only what you tell him. His surroundings and what he sees in everyday life also form his concepts about the world from his earliest childhood. These include the situation in the house and in kindergarten, with neighbors and in any other places where the child spends time. and of course at school.

Parents are responsible for creating an enabling environment for the child. The environment significantly affects the development of his personality, academic performance and behavior of the child. Creating an enabling environment is exactly what should worry the parent most. Therefore, Rainbow School was created – a training center where the environment is concentrated with the best specialists in the field of children’s education, where the atmosphere of development, creativity and striving for achievements prevails.

That is why thousands of parents were looking for a similar center in the city of Aktobe. For the same reason, our new partner from Kazakhstan, Kalaganova Ainur, decided to open a branch of the Rainbow School in her city.

Ainur is a person with great experience and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship, banking and business. Raising two beautiful children, Ainur wants to share such knowledge with others, because the school does not teach the basics of business, time management, how to set goals and achieve them.

Children is our future. And what kind of thinking depends on us
im since childhood. I think every child should know about financial literacy and strive for financial independence!

Being the first is always difficult, but collecting the fruits of your work is doubly enjoyable. After all, our partners open up a huge world of opportunities before the younger generation of reformers!


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