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New Rainbow School partner in Mariupol


At Rainbow School, we have relied on a strong team and culture that helps us act in the right direction.

It is important for us not only to successfully go through all the troubles that touched the whole world but also not to lose in the process that subtle and sensitive culture of trust in the company that we have been building for so long.

At this moment, the best news is the emergence of new partners who believe in the idea, project, and team.

Our new partner, Julia Pefti, opens the Rainbow School in Mariupol and spoke about herself, about the reasons for opening the branch and goals for the future.

Over 15 years of work in the field of business and finance, I have accumulated enough knowledge and skills, but at the same time I have no experience in teaching children and adolescents. I do not have enough skills to organize my knowledge into educational material, so I need the support of specialists who know how to present the material correctly and easily.
The idea of opening a business school for children visited me even before choosing a franchise. One day I thought: What would I like for my child to learn as a teenager? What skills did he acquire in his youth so that they really come in handy in his life? To my own question, I knew the firm answer: The ability to set goals, to be a leader in all endeavors, to be able to convey your thoughts clearly and structured to others, and of course, the skill of entrepreneurship with an understanding of the meaning of this activity with practical, albeit small, experience use of this knowledge. After analyzing the proposals in the field of educational services in my city, I concluded that there is nowhere to teach teenagers anything like this in Mariupol. Rainbow School carries the high social mission of teaching financial literacy and the development of entrepreneurial thinking in children. I am honored to be part of a team of professionals and to benefit society.

Teaching material to children is doubly harder than adults, a particular difficulty arises in interacting with young students and involving them in the learning process, in this case, the support of professional teachers who know how to keep the focus of adolescents’ attention and make classes not a torture, but an exciting process is very necessary. The programs of the Rainbow School school of innovative education are adapted for the perception of children and adolescents, they are designed taking into account the age characteristics of students and really develop the necessary skills of a successful person in life.

We have bold plans to expand the program and the project as a whole, and it’s cool that there are close reliable partners who share one goal. We wish Julia a quick and easy start!


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