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Why do you have to chose us?


Rainbow School is a business school for children, which provides practical knowledge necessary for building a successful career. We are not limited to financial literacy, although it is the first step on the road to success.

We teach children of different ages how to find themselves, how to present themselves and their ideas, how to gain and maintain confidence under any circumstances, how to resist the doubts, how to captivate other people with your ideas and much more.

The main, unique difference of Rainbow is that each of the students, together with a team of business trainers, builds his real startup.

The guys go through all the stages of their own business evolution:

• Niche selection;
• Packaging (creating your own website, advertising banners and selling
• Marketing;
• Sales department.

The path chosen by Rainbow School leads to the fact that, through training, the child is transformed into a self-confident person, has oratorical qualities, is fluent in the IT field and in modern business processes and technologies


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