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Succeed in business. Social skills development


A person who does not have social skills will always be inferior to the person who has them or who develops them, especially in the 21st century

Rainbow School shares social skills development techniques that are included in the curriculum:

learn to be sensitive and develop empathy in order to better understand other people;

search for common with others in order to establish friendships and come to mutual understanding;

learn to notice and explain non-verbal signals in communication; remember that body language, tone and timbre of a voice, facial expressions, facial expressions and gestures can tell a person much more than words;

Train mindfulness in order to recognize the reactions of other people and their attitude towards you, as well as better understand their own behavior;

develop acting talent in order to be able to adapt to any environment, make the right impression and communicate with different people;

learn to speak in public in order to be able to attract attention and influence not only individuals, but also social groups;

play “social” games, such as “Monopoly”, “Mafia”, etc., in order to master the skills of “reading” emotions, identifying lies and predicting situations;

to learn to solve conflicts, to be able to find a common language with any person, to extinguish negative emotions, to prevent confrontation situations.


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