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We continue to introduce you to the Rainbow School team!


Today we want to tell you about a talented person with a great sense of humor – Dmitry Osyka, CEO Co-founder Rainbow School, and here are 6 facts he told about himself:
I have been practicing Karate for more than 20 years, I am leading a well-known martial arts club, BC Caiman, and BC Caiman is a circle of friends and colleagues.

About music: Jazz is a kind of music that can absorb a lot and still be jazz.

I like to travel with a cake (Cake * is a true friend and a dog).

I love extreme sports. Extreme sport is balancing on a certain line between victory and real danger, opposition to the forces of nature, external (objective) and internal (subjective) circumstances.

Behind technical progress for several years
“When you achieve success, do not forget to send the elevator back down for the next guy – this is me about the atmosphere in the team and colleagues

Rainbow School – a team of creative and creative people!
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