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5 Reasons why Rainbow School?


1. An innovative training program. Rainbow School has created a whole new approach to learning and education. The program aims to ensure that children receive the basics of business education and develop business thinking from an early age.

2. The task of Rainbow School trainers is to ensure that children begin to assess openness as strength, not weakness. This enables children to think uniquely and freely, without adapting to the patterns of society.

3. In the classroom, children receive less theory, but more practice. A study by Rainbow School proved that this material is better absorbed. And nobody needs empty knowledge – they will be applied.

4. The education system at the secondary level requires the integration of techniques for developing emotional intelligence. This is the main objective of Rainbow School – the development of emotional intelligence.

5. Children of the 21st century are different, and the main task of education is not to give theoretical knowledge that can be obtained from various sources, thanks to the Internet, but to develop a system of values in children, a system of human relations and the ability to think critically. Therefore, we need to move from a school overloaded with theoretical knowledge to a school that forms the competencies of a person of the 21st century.

How do you feel about modern education?


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